Q?Do you hold a security deposit?

Yes we do, usually it is $100 or $200 and when you leave the accommodations we will reimburse you promptly.

In order to get your deposit back make sure you wash your dirty dishes, empty the trash cans and leave the apartment more or less as you found it.

We may hold a portion of the deposit if the apartment is left in a mess or items are broken as a result of abuse.

This rarely happens though as the majority of our tenants respect the effort that has gone into preparing the accommodations for them and return them in similar condition.

Q?Can you help me find a job?

Frequently we have Captains call us looking for dayworkers and we are able to recommend tenants based on their abilities. However the full-time jobs are best left to the crew agencies to source and any opportunities that arise outside these channels are usually to be treated with caution.

Q?How close are you to Maritime Schools?

All our one bedroom apartments are a three minute stroll from Maritime Professional Training. (pick up a coffee and blueberry muffin from John at the coffee shop on the way). We are a little further from International Crew Training, about a 10 minute walk and you are then also in the midst of all the crew agencies as well as supermarkets and restaurants.

Q?What does the apartment come with?

All accommodations are fully furnished and ready to move into. The kitchens are fully equipped and all linens and towels are supplied.
Desks are provided for those of you who are here to work and┬áDigital TV is connected for those of you who aren’t!
Use your laptop or other device to connect to the high speed wireless broadband network with the password provided.

Q?Are there any hidden charges?

No, all utilities are included. While all properties have on-site laundry facilities some may be coin-operated machines.

Q?What do I need to check in?

First you need to contact us.  Together we will determine suitable accommodation for you and make arrangements to show them to you.

You must register on our website before we can check you in. Payment arrangements will be sorted out then you move in.

All accounts and receipts will be handled by email through our rental management software.

Q?What happens if I have paid in advance but I get a job?

If you have paid at the monthly rate and left before the month was up, you will be charged at the weekly rate and reimbursed the balance. If you paid at the weekly rate you will be charged at the daily rate and reimbursed the balance.